Gionee Brand Showcase

Concept Development

Gionee, a renowned cellphone brand, embarked on an exciting journey to showcase its innovative products in Africa. With a rich history of delivering cutting-edge technology and stylish designs, Gionee aimed to captivate the African market with its exceptional range of smartphones. We wanted to keep the concept for this event revolved around the people and how connectivity starts from the people and the device being only an extension of the people. We wanted to create an experience that would highlight Gionee’s commitment to quality, reliability, and user-centric features. The brand envisioned a vibrant and interactive space where visitors could explore the latest advancements in mobile technology, engage with Gionee’s knowledgeable staff, and witness firsthand the seamless integration of style and functionality that sets the brand apart.


This experience allowed attendees to immerse themselves in the world of Gionee, experiencing the brand’s commitment to excellence firsthand. The event garnered significant attention, attracting a large number of visitors who were eager to witness the unveiling of Gionee’s latest smartphone models. The event also provided an opportunity for Gionee to establish valuable partnerships with local distributors and retailers, ensuring widespread availability of their products across the African market.