Hankook Booth @ Formula E – 2023

Concept Development

Hankook is the official partner of the Formula E 2023 in Mexico, Italy & Great Britain. By being such a key part in the development of the sport, they expressed it was essential to showcase the sustainable aspects of their production and how they are actively making the most out of their materials to reduce the carbon footprint in the world.

Their current products are aimed to Electric Vehicles, thus focusing on the development of e-mobility and vehicle technology that looks after our planet and is accessible to everyone. With the high levels of technology at this event, we needed to create an experience that matched.


We developed a journey through the booth where the customers would learn about the current production and recycling technologies Hankook is using to reduce waste and pollution, as well as learning about their latest products aimed exclusively at Electric Vehicles.

This installation allowed spectators to get closer to the action by interacting with the products as they were being informed about them. In the end they would receive a coin to try their luck with the claw crane to win a prize and also participate in a raffle to win an exclusive, handcrafted longboard by Hankook.