Easy steps to plan a corporate holiday celebration

Looking to organize your company’s annual holiday party this year? Time to dive into the preparations and begin crafting a memorable event. There’s a multitude of considerations and vendors to coordinate, not to mention your personal festive gatherings and year-end business tasks.

The initial step in orchestrating a successful company holiday celebration involves outlining your objectives and setting a budget. While the goal may appear straightforward—celebrating the season—business-related gatherings often encompass more. Enhancing event returns might encompass employee accolades, presentations on upcoming year goals, and facilitating networking opportunities. Pinpointing these aspirations aids event organizers in crafting an effective occasion. Equally vital is defining a budget; for assistance, consult our guide on budget allocation.

Exciting progress! You’ve embarked on the holiday party planning journey. The subsequent task is assembling your team and establishing specific guidelines. In cases where no in-house event planning committee exists, hiring a professional to manage the intricate facets of a substantial event is recommended.

Your date could stem from past year traditions or still be uncertain. Factors like budget play a role in determining the date. Weekend evenings during the holiday period command a premium, making weekdays an alternative. This approach sidesteps conflicting with staff’s weekend commitments.

The location profoundly influences the event’s success. Opt for a venue radiating ambiance, charm, and seasonal holiday aesthetics. Depending on guest numbers, you might favor an intimate indoor setting in a favored eatery or the opulent allure of a historic hotel’s grand ballroom. The latter offers options like dance floors, professional DJs, live music, and stages for special announcements or year-end speeches. Our planners can even transform your warehouse or local office—view images of our past event productions showcasing trussing, staging, lighting, and more.

Once the location is settled, our event coordinators will illustrate design possibilities. Display your company logo on walls and ceilings, projecting highlights like employee achievements. Candles and sophisticated lighting set an enchanting ambiance. Our designers ensure exceptional holiday décor, spanning ice sculptures, snow, Christmas trees, carolers, and festive lighting, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Consider exploring our holiday banquet offerings. Perhaps you prefer a formal plated dinner with table-side service. Imagine roast beef with au jus, succulent turkey with gourmet mashed potatoes, and delectable desserts like seasonal cakes and pies. From traditional feasts to casual appetizers circulated on trays, the culinary options are vast. A full bar features signature holiday cocktails. Your menu will be meticulously planned, with on-site cooking ensuring freshness. Streamline your company holiday party planning, leaving you free to savor the festivities.

Now onto the enjoyable phase—selecting entertainment. Choosing the right entertainment, be it a headline show or roaming performers, hinges on past staff preferences. An array of choices exists, with budget, date, and event theme narrowing down selections. If you partner with InExcelsis Events, your event planner can propose excellent options aligning with your criteria.


▶️ Define Goals and Financial Scope: Clarify the event’s purpose, whether celebrating the holidays or recognizing employee efforts and establish a comprehensive budget, encompassing venue, catering, decorations, and entertainment expenses.

▶️ Formulate a Planning Team: Create a diverse committee involving representatives from different departments to foster varied ideas and select a convenient date accommodating most employees and avoiding scheduling conflicts.

▶️ Opt for an Appropriate Venue: Reserve a suitable venue aligned with the anticipated guest count and party theme.

▶️ Determine Theme and Ambiance: Choose a holiday theme resonating with your company culture and event purpose. Decide on the desired ambiance, be it formal, casual, or a blend of both.

▶️ Coordinate Entertainment: Arrange entertainment options complementing the theme and attendee preferences.

▶️ Manage Food and Beverages: Organize catering to provide an array of mouthwatering dishes, catering to diverse dietary needs. Decide on a sit-down dinner, buffet, or hors d’oeuvres and drinks combination.

▶️ Craft Invitations and Track RSVPs: Design enticing invitations containing key details and RSVP information. Encourage RSVPs to gauge attendance for proper planning.

▶️ Set Up Festive Decor and Atmosphere: Adorn the venue with holiday-themed decor, lighting, and seasonal touches for a festive vibe.

▶️ Plan Engaging Activities and Games: Coordinate interactive games or team-building activities to foster engagement and interaction.

▶️ Incorporate Recognition and Awards: Utilize the event as an opportunity to acknowledge exceptional employees or achievements.

▶️ Construct a Detailed Event Timeline: Create a comprehensive schedule covering start and end times, entertainment, food service, and speeches.

▶️ Verify Technical Needs: Ensure proper AV equipment and technical support are in place, especially for presentations.

▶️ Confirm Vendor Agreements: Double-check arrangements with vendors, including the venue, caterers, and entertainment.

▶️ Manage Setup and Cleanup: Allocate a team for event setup and cleanup to ensure a seamless transition.

▶️ Maintain Attendee Communication: Send reminders and updates to attendees, conveying last-minute details or changes.

▶️ Host the Celebration and Relish the Moment: Finally, host the event and partake in the festivities, capturing memories through photos or videos.

InExcelsis Events simplifies the process, expertly curating your office holiday party for an exceptional experience. If you’re considering a company holiday party, now is an ideal time to kick-start the planning process. With our meticulous attention to detail, your holiday gathering will leave a lasting impact on employees and guests alike.